Insoles & Fitting Aids

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Some feet require a little more help than others.

The Soleman Footwear Co. has the widest selections of insoles in Regina.  If you need arch support, more cushion in your heels, or simply just more, we will have the insoles for you.

Dealing with prescriptions for footwear, and over the counter orthotics on a daily basis, we know which insoles and/or footwear work best for each condition.  Having a great variety of options and brands ensures you get the best fit for your foot.  Even if you don't have a specific condition, and just want to breath new life into an old pair of your favorites, we have the insoles.

Some of the options we offer in insoles, includes:

- Arch supports- Metatarsal supports- Heel cushions
- Insole fillers- Shock-absorbing insoles- Leather insoles
- Fabric insoles  

We have the solutions to your foot conundrums from brand like these:

Please see us for the product that is right for you.  If you are looking to fit a specific pair of shoes, bring them in with you and we can try a number of insoles to ensure you get the perfect fit.  

Fitting Aids

After insoles, there are many other products The Soleman Footwear Co. carries that can improve the comfort of your shoes and help reduce the pain in your feet.

Fitting aids are provided to give you that precise fit in your shoes.  Sometimes the cause is the heel slipping, or there isn't quite enough cushion, or the shoe is just too loose. Some of the items we carry include:

- Tongue pads            - Toe Straighteners        - Heel pads
- Shoe stretchers- Forefoot pads - Shoe Trees

Have some questions? No problem, just give us a call or stop into the store, and we can “walk” you through it!