The Merino is an influential breed of sheep, originally from Spain, whose wool has been highly valuable since the Middle Ages. They are known to have some of the softest, finest wool of any breed of sheep. 

All the brands we carry, Darn Tough, Smartwool, and Merrell, use Merino wool, thus offering these amazing properties:
1) Merino wool is great at regulating body temperature, providing warmth without allowing you to be too warm.
2) The wool wicks the moisture away from your foot, allowing you to feel dry and comfortable.
3) Due to the finer fibers and smaller scales of Merino wool, it is a softer material against your skin.
4) Merino wool is NOT an itchy wool, it is very comfortable.

Take a closer look at each individual brand below, and better yet, stop in for a look and see what you think!

Darn Tough
  • Darn Tough socks are a family owned and operated business, making some of the best socks available since 1978. The use of the finest raw materials, and the highest stitch count available, makes Darn Tough socks the most durable sock on earth.
  • All manufacturing is done in Northfield Vermont USA, with three generations of knitting know how. They offer on many socks a true seamless fit, in styles from the no-show to the over-the-calf. Every sock is hand inspected and offers an UNCONDITIONAL LIFETIME GUARANTEE
  • For each height of sock, they use anywhere between 42%-77% merino wool, 19%-53% nylon and 2%-8% lycra spandex. These are very fun, comfortable, durable socks, and you should totally come try a pair out.
Smart Wool
  • Smartwool PhD socks offer a new 4 degree elite system, which wraps your foot with 4 different bands across the foot (ankle, upper instep, lower instep and arch), offering faster flex and recovery throughout the foot.
  • They give many different height options from micro (below the ankle) to over-the-calf, as well as different amounts of cushioning, ultra-light non-cushion to extra heavy cushion. Fibers used range from 50% to 86% Merino Wool, 14% - 45% Nylon, and 2% - 4% Elastane.
  • Performance and Lifestyle socks offer WOW technology as well as the SmartWool Fit System. The WOW technology is used in high impact zones for longer lasting more comfortable socks. Their SmartWool Fit system has an elasticized band across the ankle and arch as well as reinforced cushion from heel to toe, to prevent bunching and slipping.
  • The Performance socks offer heights ranging from micro to over-the-calf and cushioning from ultra-light non-cushion to extra-heavy cushion. Performance socks have fiber contents that range from 64% -84% Merino Wool, 16% - 34% Nylon, and 1% - 3% Elastane.
  • Lifestyle socks offer heights ranging from hidden (for flats and mary-jane styles) to knee high, and cushioning ranging from non-cushion to extra heavy cushion. Fiber contents that range from 45% - 90% Merino Wool, 9% - 54% Nylon, and 1% -3% Elastane.
Merrell Performance Socks
  • Merrell Merino Max Technology combines the unbeatable comfort and softness of Merino wool with Nano-Glide technology to give a more durable, faster drying regulating sock on the planet.
  • Most every Merrell sock offers anywhere between 49% and 63% wool, 6% - 20% Nano-Glide, 30% - 50% Nylon, and small amounts of Polyester and or Lycra.
  • They offer many different cuts, from below ankle height to above-the-calf height.
  • Many socks offer the comfort of an elasticated arch band support, extra cushioning in the heel and tall of foot area, and reinforced a footbed for durability.