Shoe Repair


Before & After - Even with a hole right through it, we can give your shoes back their "sole"!


Sometimes it’s hard to say goodbye.

From broken heels on those beloved pumps, to zippers that lost their zip ... even Velcro that lost its stick ... we’ll fix ‘em good as new or dye trying.

After all they helped you through a lot, why not give those old soles a second chance, at The Soleman Footwear Co, we fix shoes. Plain and simple. And we’ve been doing it for years.

Here are just some of the repairs we can do:

- Patches  - Heels  - Zippers
- Stretching  - Dyeing  - Toe Caps
- Resoling  - Velcro  - Build-Ups

Note: We cannot effectively respond to shoe repair questions via email so please drop by the store or give us a call so we can fully answer your questions.